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Intra gastric balloons 
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 The placement of the intra gastric balloon

The gastroenterologist first performs a gastroscopic inspection of the oesophagus and the stomach under anaesthesia. 

 If there is no local contraindication, the balloon is inserted into the stomach.

The balloon is composed of a material made up on silicon, it is smooth and malleable. It is introduced through the mouth and is moved down the oesophagus, when it is not inflated.
The balloon is lubricated with a local anaesthetic tube-gel to ease the passage into the throat.

Once the balloon is in the stomach, it is filled either with a sterile saline solution coloured in blue (BIB System) or with air (Heliosphere System) thanks to a catheter fixed to the balloon.

When the balloon is filled, the doctor gently pulls on the tubing in order to withdraw it. The balloon’s valve i s equipped with a sealed valve which prevents the escape of liquid or air. The balloon floats freely in the stomach.

The placement of the balloon usually takes about 20 minutes.

You will remain in the clinic for observation for a few hours, until the anaesthetist discharges you into the custody of the person who will take you home.

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