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Intra gastric balloons 
 Is this right for you ?
 The program
 2 types of balloons
 How much weight can I loose ?

The balloon placement 
 Prior to the balloon placement
 Balloon placement
 Balloon removal

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The intra gastric balloon is a starter for your diet

The balloon is an efficient help if you can not manage to follow a diet for more than 2 months or if you quickly gain weight after stopping the diet (only, 5 to 10 % of the patients only are keeping their weight loss, with the common weight loss programs).

It is a starter which will give you a feeling of satiety. You will be able to follow the diet prescribed by your nutritionist and loose within 6 months the weight which would normally require an effort of 2 years.

This starter is efficient if it is associated with a multidisciplinary approach. The team of experts will help you to lose weight and above all, avoiding to regain weight after the removal of the balloon.

The program
Period of 6 months, supervised of by a multidisciplinary medical team

Interview prior to the balloon placement
Balloon placement
Follow-up the next days
Follow-up every 2 months during 6 months

Monthly follow-up during 6 months
Follow-up during a year
after balloon placement
Education on lifestyle
and eating behaviour
Psyche, Support groups/patients
Discussion, Cooking lessons

Modification of your eating behaviour

Sustained weight loss
Possible Side Effects
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