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Intra gastric balloons 
 Is this right for you ?
 The program
 2 types of balloons
 How much weight can I loose ?

The balloon placement 
 Prior to the balloon placement
 Balloon placement
 Balloon removal

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Pôle Santé - Parvis n°15
Centre des médecins spécialistes de la Défense
Tél. : +33 1 49 00 18 18  
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lDocteur Vianna COSTIL
Médecin spécialiste en Gastro-entérologie et Hépatologie,
Ancien Interne des Hôpitaux de Paris,
Ancien Chef de Clinique - Assistant des Hôpitaux de Paris,
Membre de la Société Nationale Française de Gastro-entérologie,
Membre de la Société Française d'Endoscopie Digestive,
Membre de la Société Française et Francophone de Chirurgie de l'Obésité,
Titulaire du Diplôme Universitaire de Médecine et Chirurgie de l'Obésité
(Hôtel Dieu de Paris, Professeur Basdevant).


Doctor Vianna COSTIL is the author of this site. She does not receive any support for its financing.

Information available on the www.ballon-intragastrique.com site can be copied for a private use. They can be neither reproduced, transmitted, distributed, posted, nor translated without the express authorisation of the competent representative of the site.


This site is intended for information of the patients and their entourage on the gastric balloon, a nonsurgical method for weight loss.
The furnished informations in this site come from scientific literature, our regular participation in national and international specialized congresses, and from our own experience. They are intended to improve, and not to replace, the relation which exists between the doctor and his patient.
This Internet site is on line since November 2006, its contents and its presentation are continuously improved. The date of modification appears in bottom of each page.


Any form of publicity is refused on the www.ballon-intragastrique.com site.


The author of this site has a honor engagement to observe the legal conditions of confidentiality applicable in France.
When you contact us, your coordinates are not recorded in database, are not used to draw up statistics and are not communicated to others.
When you are registered with our newsletter, your Email address is memorized only with an aim of sending a rfegularly letter to you.


www.ballon-intragastrique.com is a site conceived by Doctor Vianna COSTIL. This Internet site is the exclusive property of its originator. It is independent, in particular, of any industrial finance company or, as well as any professional association, nun, trade-union or political. 



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