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Intra gastric balloons 
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Unpleasant effects

The stomachs gets used to the presence of the balloon within a few days.

It is frequent that the presence of the balloon in the stomach causes nausea, vomiting, heart or oesophageal burns, abdominal cramps during the days following the placement of the balloon.

You will be restricted to a liquid diet for the first days and then transition to more semi solid  food.

Drugs will be prescribed by your doctor to relieve you.

Your doctor will be on call in the first few days to handle any reaction or distress you may fell.

Plan for at least three days of inactivity (stoppage) after the procedure.

Most patients see these effects disappear after three days.

The slimming must be followed up by a nutritionist. If the diet is unbalanced, it can result in a loss of hair, a skin dryness, an embitterment of tune nails and constipation.

It is possible that you lose only a little weight or more seldom no weight at all, during the while, the BIB will be implanted.
That depends on your motivation.

Your engagement for the change of your behaviour is essential for the result.

More rarely, some patients have a feeling of satiety which decreases after a few weeks.

A loss of uncontrolled weight, more than 5 kg a month, can happen, involving risks for your health. You must inform your gastroenterologist and your nutritionist.


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