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Intra gastric balloons 
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Vomiting seldom continues after 3 days.
A hospitalisation could be recommended in order to get hydrated? The food resumption is progressive.
According to the available studies, in 1% to 3% of the cases, there is an intolerance to the balloon involving it’s removal after of one week.

Complications can occur. They are related to the presence of the balloon and the increase in acid secretion in the stomach. It could be due to an esophagitis, a gastritis or an ulcer giving abdominal pains, bleeding and exceptionally a perforation. Would you experience any abnormal symptoms, let your gastroenterologist know immediately: 
- abdominal pain. 
- oesophagus and heart burns. 
- unusual abdominal distension. 
- fever.
Those complications are medically treated.Perforation only requires a surgical act.

The spontaneous deflation of the balloon (which occurs especially if patients exceed the 6 months dead line for removal) can lead to the passage of the deflated balloon down in the intestine.
There is a risk of bowel obstruction,  which is a serious complication requiring a surgical procedure to withdraw the balloon.
Would you observe any blue tainting of urines or abnormal digestive signs (persistent vomiting, abdominal pain, abdominal distension and fever), you must contact your doctor.
A deflated balloon can be spontaneously ejected by the mouth or in the stools.
A stop of the slimming and feeling of satiety can be related to the deflation of the balloon.
A radiography of the abdomen or an ultrasonography must be carried out to check its position and it’s volume.

The proliferation of bacteria within the liquid filling the BIB balloon is exceptional.
The passing through of the contaminated liquid in the intestine either while its withdrawal or after a spontaneous deflation can result in an abdominal infection, fever, cramps and diarrhoea.

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